Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stephen Lynch is a Republican!

On Friday, June 16, 2006, Stephen Lynch showed his true color – Red. Stephen Lynch was the only Member of the MA Congressional Delegation to vote with the Republicans on their “Stay the Course” H.R. 861. The MA Delegation vote was 9 Democrats Nay and Stephen Lynch Yea. Even Rep. Neal, Lynch’s sometime neocon soulmate, voted with the rest of the MA Delegation to repudiate this Republican sham.

This is the first time he’s stood all alone since he joined Tom Delay and George Bush in the attempt to reconnect Terri Schiavo’s feeding tubes.

Just a week ago, Stephen Lynch voted to cede control of the Internet to the communications conglomerates (Verizon, Comcast, etc.). In that vote it was 8 MA Democrats Nay, Lynch and Neal Yea.

We are working everyday to inform the voters of the 9th District that they have a real, Democratic alternative in the September Primary. Having collected over 5,000 signatures, we’ve put Phil Dunkelbarger on the ballot. We are convinced that, once 9th District Democrats become aware that they have a real choice, in a successful businessman and former City Councilor who advocates a strong Democratic agenda, they will vote Dunkelbarger and restore Democratic representation to the 9th District.

Today, the Dunkelbarger for Congress Committee makes an urgent appeal to 9th District Democrats, to help us send a message to Democrats around the country, to stand firm and speak clearly for Democratic values and principles, and to help us replace Stephen Lynch with Phil Dunkelbarger, who will truly represent and serve the people of the 9th District.

Dunkelbarger for Congress Committee


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If you support Phil, get on over to Democracy for America and write an endorsement and sign up as a volunteer if you are in the 9th District. The whole race is the primary which is less than 100 days away.

DFA endorsement

Phil needs your help NOW!!!!

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