Friday, June 16, 2006

So, what's this blog about?

The Massachusetts 9th Congressional district is mis-represented by Stephen F. Lynch. The purpose of this blog is to document his egregious voting record against the citizens of Massachusetts and the United States of America.


Blogger Tony F said...

Great service to us all - I really appreciate your effort. When, and if the people think about it, when a nation attacks another country without provocation, and slaughters thousands of innocent men, women and children - it is a war crime. Those who support such endeavors, particularly in the face of documented evidence the attack was based upon lies, are complicit. Indeed, it is my firm belief a Congressman who supports the continuation of this shameful slaughter of innocents is a war criminal. He should be looked upon, referred to, and cited for what he is - a war criminal. Ergo, those of us who maintain silence in the face of such knowledge, or indeed adopt the position of the ostrich are no less complicit. As Americans, never mind Bush, Lynch, et al - our very own souls are at stake. Tony Flaherty, Veteran for Peace, South Boston, Ma.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Tony F said...

Celebrating Father's Day at City Hall demonstrating against Israeli Occupation today, I could not help but think about the lies children accompanying their fathers will be subjected to......with little or no exposure to the truth thereafter.

In March 2003, Congressman Lynch led a considerable demonstration of union workers and others along Columbia Road in South Boston, heralding the unwarranted attack on Iraq. Then, and later, there was indisputable proof that it was an immoral act as pointed out by the Pope, and there was absolutely no provocation or danger to American citizens. Congressman Lynch invariably supported the war effort, martialed sycophants, and urged young men on with trite sayings such as "Thank you for your service." In 2006, at Curry College,when continuously confronted by persons in the audience, Congressman Lynch stated, "The reasons for the war in Iraq were bogus."

How nice - notice that he admitted his error in Milton, where there is little to no chance that poor children targeted by the National Guard will be made aware of his misinformation. He should be made to address all communities in the District, particularly Dorchester, South Boston, Brockton and non elite communities. I urge every Father as he looks upon his son today to imagine the damage done to the mind of a child in a poor community, when a Congressman glorifies war - it distorts the mind of that child for a lifetime....sets him or her up to become shrapnel in the form of body parts for the benefit of the comfortable ........and that is a crime against humanity. Tony F

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